COMPS. 2021

COMPS. 2021

The BCGBA are running fewer competitions which we can enter in 2021. The formats of some of these have been changed.

*Senior Merit — Each county permitted to enter ONLY TWO players for finals at Heaton Park on Sat. July 24th ( there will be NO champion of champions 2021)

The 8 entries from all Premier Teams rule will NOT be in operation this year. Entry is players choice!

Our dates for this are PRELIMS FRIDAY JUNE 11th. FINALS SUNDAY JUNE 27th. (prelim on a friday due to no free saturday on cov & dist)

*Junior Merit Finals at Heaton Park on August 14th, two players from each county.

North Mids qualifying comp is Sunday JULY 11TH

*Isherwood Veterans Championship at Prees on Wednesday 11th August

Each county allowed two players

Our prelims on Weds 7th July (10.30 am) ,finals 14th July