County Team Results

11th August 2019Derbyshire ~306413loss
14th July 2019North Lancs & Fylde ~399311win
11th July 2019Shropshire150150draw
11th July 2019Staffordshire134151loss
11th July 2019Warwick & Worcester134160loss
7th July 2019Potteries & District ~420429loss
9th June 2019South Yorkshire ~374376loss
2nd June 2019Lancashire ~427412win
5th May 2019Derbyshire ~406431loss
12th August 2018South Yorkshire ~363384loss
8th July 2018Lancashire ~434274win
1st July 2018Merseyside ~411427loss
3rd June 2018Shropshire ~431392win
13th May 2018Staffordshire ~327387loss
6th May 2018Cheshire ~433432win
3rd September 2017Potteries & District (Final)414412win
13th August 2017North Lancs & Fylde *16682win
13th August 2017Cheshire *164111win
13th August 2017Derbyshire *135112win
13th August 2017South Yorkshire *143146loss
6th August 2017Shropshire (Semi-final)424420win
9th July 2017Shropshire366436loss
2nd July 2017Yorkshire455411win
11th June 2017Potteries & District477291win
14th May 2017Warwick & Worcester258486loss
7th May 2017Greater Manchester439381win
14th August 2016South Yorkshire *146127win
14th August 2016North Lancs & Fylde *150117win
14th August 2016Staffordshire *127142loss
7th August 2016Wales *136122win
7th August 2016Derbyshire *6182loss
7th August 2016Potteries & District *167139win
10th July 2016Greater Manchester414372win
3rd July 2016Warwick & Worcester401408loss
12th June 2016Wales297468loss
5th June 2016Staffordshire431447loss
8th May 2016Yorkshire218477loss
1st May 2016Cumbria454377win
5th July 2015North Lancs & Fylde422372win
7th June 2015South Yorkshire434401win
3rd May 2015Wales405444loss
7th September 2014Warwick & Worcester (Final)380453loss
3rd August 2014Greater Manchester (Semi-final)451393win
6th July 2014North Lancs & Fylde420384win
1st June 2014Potteries & District410410draw
1st August 2013Cheshire116153loss
1st August 2013Yorkshire136164loss
1st August 2013North Lancs and Fylde165149win
14th July 2013Cheshire428363win
7th July 2013Shropshire421437loss
9th June 2013Wales323443loss
2nd June 2013Warwick and Worcester438394win
12th May 2013Shropshire247501loss
5th May 2013Greater Manchester396403loss
12th July 2012Greater Manchester161127win
12th July 2012South Yorkshire Parks158132win
12th July 2012Cheshire144155loss
8th July 2012Merseyside346404loss
1st July 2012Lancashire407401win
10th June 2012Derbyshire271465loss
3rd June 2012Cumbria424375win
13th May 2012Yorkshire295468loss
6th May 2012Merseyside389441loss
14th July 2011Warwick and Worcester141146loss
14th July 2011Lancashire140156loss
14th July 2011Greater Manchester 'B'148147win
10th July 2011Lancashire401401draw
3rd July 2011Staffordshire378429loss
12th June 2011North Lancs & Fylde344447loss
5th June 2011Cheshire422395win
8th May 2011Greater Manchester391383win
1st May 2011Yorkshire424449loss
1st August 2010Greater Manchester384459loss
15th July 2010Wales143148loss
15th July 2010Derbyshire156144win
15th July 2010South Yorkshire153128win
11th July 2010Warwick and Worcester324478loss
4th July 2010South Yorkshire419412win
13th June 2010Potteries365459loss
6th June 2010Derbyshire421394win
9th May 2010Cumbria418386win
2nd May 2010Wales410433loss
6th August 2009Shropshire (Semi-final)418446loss
5th July 2009South Yorkshire435408win
7th June 2009Cumbria432424win
10th May 2009Yorkshire #
3rd May 2009Warwick and Worcester426413win
3rd August 2008Derbyshire (Semi-final)386417loss
6th July 2008North Lancs and Fylde433400win
1st June 2008Merseyside438396win
4th May 2008Potteries and District431404win
1st July 2007Staffordshire399469loss
3rd June 2007Greater Manchester405405draw
6th May 2007Wales356469loss
2nd July 2006Derbyshire371455loss
4th June 2006Cheshire393451loss
7th May 2006Yorkshire419425loss
4th September 2005North Lancs and Fylde (Final)460405win
7th August 2005Yorkshire (Semi-final)432432draw
7th August 2005Yorkshire (Semi-final tie-breaker) ~139137win
3rd July 2005Shropshire449392win
5th June 2005Lancashire425445loss
4th July 2004Cheshire403434loss
6th June 2004Merseyside407457loss
2nd May 2004Cumbria462369win
6th July 2003South Yorkshire383434loss
1st June 2003Shropshire443405win
4th May 2003Potteries451402win
1st September 2002Cheshire (Final)406407loss
4th August 2002Shropshire (Semi-final)417417draw
4th August 2002Shropshire (Semi-final tie-breaker)159121win
7th July 2002Wales450373win
5th May 2002Warwick and Worcester446403win
2nd September 2001Cheshire (Final)411461loss
5th August 2001Staffordshire (Semi-final)436429win
1st July 2001Derbyshire426393win
3rd June 2001Greater Manchester432364win
6th May 2001Lancashire452406win
2nd July 2000Yorkshire394403loss
4th June 2000North Lancs and Fylde447408win
7th May 2000Staffordshire428382win
4th July 1999Lancashire405448loss
6th June 1999North Lancs and Fylde392394loss
5th July 1998Warwick and Worcester411454loss
7th June 1998Wales395418loss
3rd May 1998Derbyshire383420loss
6th July 1997South Yorkshire399436loss
1st June 1997Greater Manchester423380win
4th May 1997Potteries439414win
7th July 1996Staffordshire416459loss
2nd June 1996Merseyside429429draw
5th May 1996Shropshire436406win
2nd July 1995Cheshire406429loss
4th June 1995Cumbria422443loss
7th May 1995Yorkshire429449loss
3rd July 1994Cumbria ~442425win
1st May 1994Yorkshire ~430446loss
5th September 1993Yorkshire (Final)401445loss
1st August 1993North Lancs and Fylde (Semi-final)446434win
4th July 1993Stafforshire447404win
6th June 1993Cumbria446374win
2nd May 1993Greater Manchester409401win
5th July 1992North Lancs and Fylde417445loss
7th June 1992Lancashire418420loss
3rd May 1992Derbyshire426417win
1st September 1991Yorkshire (Final)368453loss
4th August 1991Cheshire (Semi-final)443401win
7th July 1991Shropshire404439loss
2nd June 1991Derbyshire438409win
5th May 1991North Lancs and Fylde430414win
5th August 1990Derbyshire (Semi-final)409426loss
1st July 1990Lancashire449424win
6th May 1990Staffordshire419435loss
4th June 1989Cheshire376469loss
7th May 1989Greater Manchester441410win
3rd July 1988Staffordshire443422win
5th June 1988South Yorkshire444430win
8th May 1988Yorkshire391439loss
9th August 1987Greater Manchester (Semi-final)376445loss
5th July 1987Cheshire430389win
31st May 1987Shropshire443424win
3rd May 1987Potteries441396win
6th July 1986South Yorkshire461413win
1st June 1986Wales434417win
4th May 1986Warwick and Worcester425430loss
7th July 1985Shropshire432404win
2nd June 1985Cheshire429429draw
5th May 1985Yorkshire411444loss
8th July 1984Shropshire447433win
3rd June 1984Derbyshire436418win
6th May 1984Potteries424441loss
11th May 1980Greater Manchester364471loss
21st August 1977Staffordshire #
31st July 1977Derbyshire #424418win
26th June 1977Warwick and Worcester #
8th May 1977Yorkshire #
1st September 1968Yorkshire (Final) #loss
17th August 1968Wales438380win
1st September 1961Lancashire (Final) #loss
1st September 1960Lancashire (Final) #loss
1st August 1956Derbyshire431410win
1st July 1956Yorkshire396446loss
1st June 1956Lancashire386438loss
1st May 1956Cheshire380446loss
1st August 1952Warwick and Worcester401459loss
1st July 1952Staffordshire380457loss
1st June 1952Shropshire389452loss
1st May 1952North Wales396442loss

# incomplete results held, * Supplemental match
All results by NMCGBA except ~ kindly provided by Graham Garnett and