County Team Results


11th July 2019Shropshire150150draw
11th July 2019Staffordshire134151loss
11th July 2019Warwick & Worcester134160loss
1st August 2013Cheshire116153loss
1st August 2013Yorkshire136164loss
1st August 2013North Lancs and Fylde165149win
12th July 2012Greater Manchester161127win
12th July 2012South Yorkshire Parks158132win
12th July 2012Cheshire144155loss
14th July 2011Warwick and Worcester141146loss
14th July 2011Lancashire140156loss
14th July 2011Greater Manchester 'B'148147win
15th July 2010Wales143148loss
15th July 2010Derbyshire156144win
15th July 2010South Yorkshire153128win

# incomplete results held, * Supplemental match
All results by NMCGBA except ~ kindly provided by Graham Garnett and