County Team Results


4th September 2005North Lancs and Fylde (Final)460405win
7th August 2005Yorkshire (Semi-final tie-breaker) ~139137win
7th August 2005Yorkshire (Semi-final)432432draw
3rd July 2005Shropshire449392win
5th June 2005Lancashire425445loss
4th July 2004Cheshire403434loss
6th June 2004Merseyside407457loss
2nd May 2004Cumbria462369win
6th July 2003South Yorkshire383434loss
1st June 2003Shropshire443405win
4th May 2003Potteries451402win
1st September 2002Cheshire (Final)406407loss
4th August 2002Shropshire (Semi-final)417417draw
4th August 2002Shropshire (Semi-final tie-breaker)159121win
7th July 2002Wales450373win
5th May 2002Warwick and Worcester446403win
2nd September 2001Cheshire (Final)411461loss
5th August 2001Staffordshire (Semi-final)436429win
1st July 2001Derbyshire426393win
3rd June 2001Greater Manchester432364win
6th May 2001Lancashire452406win
2nd July 2000Yorkshire394403loss
4th June 2000North Lancs and Fylde447408win
7th May 2000Staffordshire428382win

# incomplete results held, * Supplemental match
All results by NMCGBA except ~ kindly provided by Graham Garnett and