County Team Results


11th August 2019Derbyshire ~306413loss
14th July 2019North Lancs & Fylde ~399311win
9th June 2019South Yorkshire ~374376loss
12th August 2018South Yorkshire ~363384loss
8th July 2018Lancashire ~434274win
13th May 2018Staffordshire ~327387loss
13th August 2017South Yorkshire *143146loss
13th August 2017Derbyshire *135112win
13th August 2017Cheshire *164111win
13th August 2017North Lancs & Fylde *16682win
9th July 2017Shropshire366436loss
11th June 2017Potteries & District477291win
14th May 2017Warwick & Worcester258486loss
14th August 2016South Yorkshire *146127win
14th August 2016Staffordshire *127142loss
14th August 2016North Lancs & Fylde *150117win
10th July 2016Greater Manchester414372win
12th June 2016Wales297468loss
8th May 2016Yorkshire218477loss
14th July 2013Cheshire428363win
9th June 2013Wales323443loss
12th May 2013Shropshire247501loss
8th July 2012Merseyside346404loss
10th June 2012Derbyshire271465loss
13th May 2012Yorkshire295468loss
10th July 2011Lancashire401401draw
12th June 2011North Lancs & Fylde344447loss
8th May 2011Greater Manchester391383win
11th July 2010Warwick and Worcester324478loss
13th June 2010Potteries365459loss
9th May 2010Cumbria418386win
10th May 2009Yorkshire #

# incomplete results held, * Supplemental match
All results by NMCGBA except ~ kindly provided by Graham Garnett and