We are determined to grow the number of active bowlers in the North Midlands, and offer support to individual clubs to help them with this goal.

We are working to a 5 year plan built to focus on increasing membership.

In 2015 we are running the following campaigns to help clubs with recruitment and retention.
To discuss benefiting from these campaigns for you or your club, please contact the county Development Officer.

1. A website for every club.
We have developed a simple template on to allow every club to produce and manage their own a 4 page website like this Albany Bowls Club website.

2. Open day events.
We have proven that running regular open nights, and taster sessions both inside and outside your club can increase your membership. It takes time and effort, but little money and grants are available to assist with this anyway.

3. The PlayCrownGreen Academy.
The County has won a small grant to establish an academy for new young bowlers (and their families).
Four sessions will be held in the Miners’ Park, Bedworth and a further four in Spencer Park, Coventry from June to September.
The intention is to get new players established and eventually playing competitively.

4. Access to funding.
There are various sources of funding available to crown green bowls clubs to help with facilities and equipment.
This list of available funding is being maintained by the Development Officer. Please let us know if you are aware of other sources of funding to add to this list, or if you are applying to any funds. Support can be given to clubs to understand eligibility and to help with applications. However before you start your club needs a clear understanding of what you want to fund and what costs. Ideally create a list of work that needs doing and get at least 1 quote for the work so you understand the costs.

5. Coaching.
Our county has 2 Level 1 BCGBA qualified coaches. We believe providing quality coaching is the key to successful improvement of bowlers at all levels, and will encourage new players to take up our sport.



In addition to all of the above, I would recommend all clubs sign up with the Sport England Club Matters scheme.