Junior County Team

North Midlands junior county crown green bowls team 2014

North Midlands junior county crown green bowls team 2014

We have a very active junior county team, supported by loads of junior competitions running from May to September each year. In 2015 a new Academy was formed to attract new young players to the game, and to help them develop through to county status.

With the introduction of the League system in 2018, A county fixture involves 10 junior players playing at home and 10 playing at an away venue with the team selected by the Junior County committee.

Full details of the Junior County Championship can be viewed here.

We also run coaching sessions for novice and experienced junior bowlers. Details can be found at www.playcrowngreen.org.


11th August 2019Derbyshire ~306413loss
14th July 2019North Lancs & Fylde ~399311win
9th June 2019South Yorkshire ~374376loss

# incomplete results held, * Supplemental match
All results by NMCGBA except ~ kindly provided by Graham Garnett and bowlingresults.co.uk

Full(ish) history of results can be viewed here.

Juniors Top Stats

Liam Dennis2470.8%1711th Jul 201012th Aug 201845
Max Jefferson2360.9%1411th Jul 201013th Aug 201736
George Chapman3050%159th May 201011th Aug 201936
Natty Tonks2552%139th May 201013th Aug 201733
Tyler Dewis1758.8%109th May 201014th Aug 201626
Alfie Knight2050%1013th May 201211th Aug 201924
Tom Lea1650%89th Jun 201312th Aug 201823
James Harris1643.8%78th May 201612th Aug 201821
Harry Chapman1258.3%79th May 201014th Jul 201317
Anton Davis977.8%79th May 20108th Jul 201216