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Steve Pratt805366.33.18564173.24.68241250.0-0.33
Played from 02/07/1995 to 07/07/2019 Most played green - Dunlop B.C. No. 2 (12)

2nd Jul 1995HWalsgrave2114D Jenkinson
5th May 1996HCoundon B.C. No. 22110Colin Beaman
2nd Jun 1996AViaduct, Newton-Le-Willows721Peter Mcgovern
3rd May 1998HBedworth B.C.1821Noel Burrowsw
7th Jun 1998HNewdigate B.C.2112Jack Hunt
5th Jul 1998HHighway2118Darren Chatwin
6th Jun 1999HCoundon B.C. No. 2121Stuart Mort
4th Jul 1999ABrooklands Hotel, Warrington2117Larry Wells
7th May 2000HBedworth B.C.216David Wright
4th Jun 2000ALongton V.M2118Peter Brookes
2nd Jul 2000HCoundon B.C. No. 22117Paul Sigsworth
6th May 2001HBedworth B.C.2112Neil Bithell
3rd Jun 2001HCoundon B.C. No. 22113Gary Ellis
1st Jul 2001HHaunchwood S&SC217Paul Chamberlain
5th Aug 2001HDunlop B.C. No. 21221Gary Cooper
2nd Sep 2001HHighway2118Martin Walker
5th May 2002HBedworth B.C. No. 12110Jon Ellis
7th Jul 2002HCoundon B.C. No. 22115Darren Williams
4th Aug 2002HHaunchwood S&SC2116Ian Booth
4th Aug 2002HHaunchwood S&SC2113Martin Lloyd
1st Sep 2002HDunlop B.C. No. 2211Alan Robinson
4th May 2003HBedworth B.C.212Kevin Robinson
1st Jun 2003HDunlop B.C. No. 2218John Breeze
6th Jul 2003HAlvis Bowling Club2113Jimmy Russell
2nd May 2004HNewdigate B.C.2110Sean Taylor
6th Jun 2004HDunlop B.C. No. 22117James Fitzpatrick
4th Jul 2004HHaunchwood S&SC2118Kevin Wainwright
5th Jun 2005HHaunchwood S&SC1821Dave Penketh
3rd Jul 2005HCoundon B.C. No. 22114Wayne Rogers
7th Aug 2005HBedworth B.C.1221Nathan Webster
1st Jan 1970HBedworth B.C.1221Nathan Webster
7th Aug 2005HBedworth B.C. No. 12021Nathan Webster
4th Sep 2005HDunlop B.C. No. 22114Paul Sutcliffe
7th May 2006HDunlop B.C. No. 21421Gary Smith
4th Jun 2006ASale Excelsior WMC2119Billy Hibbert
2nd Jul 2006HCoundon B.C. No. 11521John Dewey
6th May 2007ACriccieth B.C.821Geraint Williams
3rd Jun 2007HCoundon B.C.2116Lee Turner
1st Jul 2007AWoodfield Sports218Ian Whitehouse
4th May 2008HDunlop B.C. No. 2219Barry Booth
1st Jun 2008HCoundon B.C. No. 22110Stuart Lomax
6th Jul 2008HBedworth B.C. No. 12115Mike Fleming
3rd Aug 2008AStretton No 22116Darren Smith
3rd May 2009AGreyhound Bowling Club2021Gavin Dunkley
7th Jun 2009ABartin-in-Kendal1921Steve Ashburne
5th Jul 2009HCoundon B.C.2119Gary Ainley
6th Aug 2009HDunlop B.C.218Andy Moss
2nd May 2010ABroughton and Bretton B. C.218Paul Hallett
6th Jun 2010ABolsover Colliery921Ian Eaton
4th Jul 2010HDunlop B.C. No. 22110Richard Jackson
1st Aug 2010HDunlop B.C. No. 11721Jimmy Derby
1st May 2011AThornhill Cricket and Bowling Club2113James Wilcox
5th Jun 2011ASouth Manchester RBL2120Noel Burrows
3rd Jul 2011HGriff Sports B.C.1421Stuart Edwards
6th May 2012HNewdigate B.C.1721Danny Barwise
3rd Jun 2012ALindal Bowling Club2117Darren Woodend
1st Jul 2012AGarswood Hall1321John Taylor
5th May 2013ATottingham Conservatives1621Keith Mchugh
2nd Jun 2013HCoundon B.C. No. 22116Gareth Herbert
7th Jul 2013ASinclair Bowling Club2111Alan Palin
1st Jun 2014HDunlop B.C. No. 2921Lee Brown
6th Jul 2014ABamber Bridge Catholic Club2115Dave Kay
3rd Aug 2014AHopwood Unionists B.C.1721Thomas Dobson
7th Sep 2014AThe Valley B.C.1221Phil Clinton
3rd May 2015ABradley B.C.1821Richard Zolman
7th Jun 2015ADearne Sports B.C.2112Chris Kelly
5th Jul 2015HCoundon B.C. No. 2216Lyndon Carr
1st May 2016HDunlop B.C. No. 2215Mark Johnson
5th Jun 2016HCopsewood2114Andy James
3rd Jul 2016HCoundon B.C. No. 22110Anthony Bracken
7th May 2017AGeorge & Dragon1921David Walker
2nd Jul 2017HCoundon B.C. No. 2218James Hanson
6th Aug 2017HDunlop B.C. No. 22119Martin Lloyd
3rd Sep 2017HHaunchwood S&SC No. 12114Gareth Stanway
6th May 2018HDunlop B.C. No. 21921Andy Hamman
3rd Jun 2018HCoundon B.C. No. 22114Dave Lloyd
1st Jul 2018HHaunchwood S&SC No. 1219Barry Whalley
5th May 2019HDunlop No.2921Craig Shore
2nd Jun 2019ABellingham Bc No2821George Chadwick
7th Jul 2019HCoundon No.22111Ian Wassell

* Supplemental match

Mens Club Pairs2018WinnerLeigh Burdett & Paul Lamb2117
M and B Cup2015Runner upKarl Shanks1821
Thursday Merit2014Runner upP Welland1921
M and B Cup2014Runner upSteve Donovan1221
Thursday Merit2013Winner21
Saturday Merit2013Winner21