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Stuart Perry754256.02.40332575.86.24421740.5-0.62
Played from 01/05/1994 to 01/07/2018 Most played green - Haunchwood S&SC (9)

1st May 1994HNewdigate B.C.1921M. Robinson
7th May 1995HBedworth B.C.2115Robert Hitchen
4th Jun 1995AKirkby in Furness1621E France
2nd Jul 1995APackhorse BC, Macclesfield212M Telford
5th May 1996APontesbury2119Barry Keep
2nd Jun 1996AViaduct, Newton-Le-Willows2021Billy Farrell
7th Jul 1996AOaklands Wolverhampton2110Mark Hall
4th May 1997AFegg Hayes B.C.1821Kevin Boon
1st Jun 1997AChadderton B.C.621Alan Hodson
6th Jul 1997HHaunchwood S&SC2112Chris Brown
3rd May 1998HBedworth B.C.1821Brian Woodcock
7th Jun 1998APenyffordd1521David Williams
5th Jul 1998ADrakes Drum2021Martin Mcguinness
6th Jun 1999AEast Lancs B.C. Blackburn214Malcolm Wensley
4th Jul 1999ABrooklands Hotel, Warrington1721Chris Ashton
7th May 2000HBedworth B.C.219Mark Clayton
4th Jun 2000HDunlop B.C. No. 12120Stuart Mort
2nd Jul 2000AMeltham921Ashley Daykin
3rd Jun 2001ACrompton B. C.1421Ken Strutt
1st Jul 2001HHaunchwood S&SC2112Keith Fantom
5th Aug 2001AHeath Hayes Conservatives2113Mel Evans
2nd Sep 2001HHighway217Jeff Russell
7th Jul 2002ABroughton and Bretton1721Kevin Nicholas
4th Aug 2002HHaunchwood S&SC2113Andrew Moss
4th Aug 2002HHaunchwood S&SC2119Ian Booth
1st Sep 2002HDunlop B.C. No. 22117Chris Mcdonald
1st Jun 2003ASevernside No 2 Green2113Nigel Bound
6th Jul 2003ACrookesmoor Bowling Club521Gary Ainley
4th Jul 2004HHaunchwood S&SC1621Glyn Cookson
5th Jun 2005HHaunchwood S&SC215Dave Twigg
3rd Jul 2005ASevernside2111Andy Duckett
7th Aug 2005AWaterloo Bowling Club1121Wayne Moseley
7th Aug 2005AWaterloo Bowling Club2120Hedley Kettlewell
4th Sep 2005AAcregate Labour1721Simon Coupe
7th May 2006ANewsome WMC1521Steve Pinfield
4th Jun 2006ASale Excelsior WMC2111Mike Geraghty
6th May 2007HHaunchwood S&SC2111Des Hay
3rd Jun 2007ASpringbank Bowling Club1621Micahael Holden
1st Jul 2007HNewdigate B.C.2114Peter Cookson
4th May 2008AMiddleport Park Bowling Club2118Lee Brown
1st Jun 2008ALever Club1621Robbie Fitzpatrick
3rd Aug 2008HHaunchwood S&SC217Mark Whelan
3rd May 2009AGreyhound Bowling Club219Steve Wallace
7th Jun 2009HCopsewood2113John Reilly
5th Jul 2009AMexborough Athletic2113Jack Clarke
6th Aug 2009AShrewsbury1321Wayne Rogers
2nd May 2010ABroughton and Bretton B. C.217Kevin Nicholas
4th Jul 2010ADorothy Hyman Sports Bowling Club1221Richard Howson
1st Aug 2010AThe George and Dragon Hyde1521Gareth Gwilliam
1st May 2011AThornhill Cricket and Bowling Club721Graham Hickey
5th Jun 2011ASouth Manchester RBL219Paul Dooley
3rd Jul 2011HGriff Sports B.C.216Chris Halford
6th May 2012HNewdigate B.C.1921Nick Burridge
3rd Jun 2012HBedworth B.C.219Daniel Varcoe
1st Jul 2012HHaunchwood S&SC2110Ray Goodhand
5th May 2013HBedworth B.C. No. 12116Chris Heyes
2nd Jun 2013HCoundon B.C. No. 22110Anthony Bracken
7th Jul 2013ASinclair Bowling Club1221Rich Lawson
1st Jun 2014AMiddleport Park1921Mark Melvin
6th Jul 2014HBedworth B.C. No. 12117Tommy King
3rd Aug 2014HCoundon B.C. No. 2218Ged Smedley
7th Sep 2014HCopsewood1821Carl Fielding
3rd May 2015HAtherstone Grove B.C.2021Nick Hughes
7th Jun 2015ADearne Sports B.C.1021Richard Jackson
5th Jul 2015HCoundon B.C. No. 22112Ian Penzer
1st May 2016HDunlop B.C. No. 21421Daniel Smith
5th Jun 2016HCopsewood1621Mark Jones
3rd Jul 2016HCoundon B.C. No. 22114Phil Clinton
7th May 2017AGeorge & Dragon2112Ged Smedley
2nd Jul 2017HCoundon B.C. No. 2213Scott Fisher
6th Aug 2017AGreenfields B.C. No. 21621Wayne Rogers
3rd Sep 2017ADilhorne Recreation & BC2118Mark Norcup
6th May 2018APoynton Sports1321Ben Phillips
3rd Jun 2018HCoundon B.C. No. 22112Scott Harries
1st Jul 2018AMossley Hill Athletic2118Phil Lee

* Supplemental match