Senior County Team


In 2017, our Senior County won the National inter-county Crosfield Cup competition for the second time beating The Potteries and District in a thrilling final.

We previously held the cup in 2005 (beating North Lancs & Fylde) and have been runners up in 1960, 61, 68, 91, 93, 2001, 2002 and 2014.

All matches involve a home team of 12 and an away team of 12 playing at the same time in a league format. The top team from each league progress to a knockout semi-final. A ‘Supplementary Competition’ of eight aside is played between those Counties not making the final stages of the main cup.

Full details of the County Championship can be viewed here.
Full details of the Supplementary Cup can be viewed here.


1st July 2018Merseyside411427loss
3rd June 2018Shropshire431392win
6th May 2018Cheshire433432win

# incomplete results held, * Supplemental match

Full(ish) history of results can be viewed here.

Seniors Top Stats

Peter Varney8466.7%561st May 19801st Jul 2018148
Steve Pratt7668.4%522nd Jul 19951st Jul 2018116
Steve Bennett6958%406th May 19844th Sep 2005107
Bob Gilfillan7750.6%391st May 19806th Jul 2008106
Paul Lamb8347%394th Jun 19891st Jul 2018106
Stuart Perry7556%421st May 19941st Jul 2018101
Jim Robertson8454.8%463rd Jun 19841st Jul 2018101
Jack Robertson7361.6%456th May 19841st Jun 200897
Shane Day5464.8%355th May 20021st Jul 201893
Jamie Dunn6759.7%406th Jun 19996th May 201891