Competition details

Junior County Merit

Summary: A SINGLES KO competition for all genders, open to registered members of Junior County only. Entrants must be under 18 on 1st Jan.

Honours Board

2018 Winner: Liam Dennis, Runner-up: George Chapman (21 - 8)
2014 Winner: Jordan Baddeley, Runner-up: Harry Chapman (21 - 14)
2013 Winner: Jordan Baddeley, Runner-up: Tyler Dewis
2012 Winner: Harry Chapman, Runner-up: Jordan Baddeley
2011 Winner: Jamie Serpell, Runner-up: Anthony Stachurski
2010 Winner: Jack Chapman, Runner-up: David Hodgkins
2009 Winner: Ben Percival, Runner-up: Robert Cleaver
2008 Winner: Ben Percival, Runner-up: Adam Bell
2007 Winner: Jamie Thompson, Runner-up: Richard Christon
2006 Winner: Chris Tonks, Runner-up: Ryan Beasley
2005 Winner: Jamie Thompson, Runner-up: Chris Tonks