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Natty Tonks271451.91.8511763.62.7316743.81.25
Played from 09/05/2010 to 02/06/2019 Most played green - Pennfields BC (4)

9th May 2010ABurnside Bowling Club Kendal1821Kieron Clark
13th Jun 2010ABucknall Private Bowling Club1221Jack Farmer
11th Jul 2010AWard End Social Club1621Chris Gerrard
8th May 2011HPotters Green S.C.2116Jake Dearden
12th Jun 2011HWindmill S.C.2111Keiron Kershaw
10th Jul 2011HHaunchwood S&SC2115Jack Haywood
13th May 2012HPotters Green S.C.1321Marc Armitage
10th Jun 2012HWindmill S.C.1621Adam Hartley
8th Jul 2012HHaunchwood S&SC215Patrick Colebourne
12th May 2013ADonnington Wood No 11321Aaron King
9th Jun 2013HBedworth B.C.2110Dylan Williams
14th Jul 2013AHELSBY No 1 GREEN2110Scott Brown
8th May 2016AKirkhead Cricket & Bowling Club1621Marc Armitage
12th Jun 2016HBedworth B.C. No. 22115Ieanun Pugh
10th Jul 2016AHarehill Park1721Liam Mercer
14th Aug 2016 *AHelsby Community Sports Club2110Liam Blackwell
14th Aug 2016 *AHelsby Community Sports Club219Richelle Scott
14th Aug 2016 *AHelsby Community Sports Club1521Dan Bodley
14th May 2017ABritish Oak BC1721Nathan Caines
11th Jun 2017APotters Green S.C.218Matt Packett
9th Jul 2017HAtherstone1921Harry Church
13th Aug 2017 *APennfields BC2114Danielle Eccles
13th Aug 2017 *APennfields BC1721Jack Bushell
13th Aug 2017 *APennfields BC2117Owen Sherriff
13th Aug 2017 *APennfields BC2111Liam Blackwell
5th May 2019HDunlop No.22117Dan Golpin
2nd Jun 2019HBedworth No1821Derek Bissell

* Supplemental match

M and B Cup2018Runner upChris Dunne1621
Ken Townsend Memorial2014Winner21
Play Way Toys Shield2012Winner21
Bob Ayres Shield2012Winner21